What is STIPlotDigitizer?

Data in reports and publications is often presented as X-Y type line or scatter plots. STIPlotDigitizer is software that allows you to convert these images and graphs to data points, in other words to digitize data from plots. This is very useful if you wish to analyze plot data or perform mathematical operations such as regression on the data. STIPlotDigitizer allows you to digitize and store data for multiple curves contained in the same image.

STIPlotDigitizer contains the following features:

 Automatic (selection is based on pixel color) & Manual Point Selection (selection is made using a mouse).

 Interpolation of data points using: Piecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP); Spline; Linear;
   Nearest-Neighbor Interpolation Type.

 Digitized data can be exported as a text file, to Excel or to Matlab™.

 Corrects for the rotation of images as well as the non-orthogonality of the axes.

 Unique 3-point Graph Calibration.

 Include & Exclude Areas from the image.

 Supports linear, semi-log, or log-log plot