Transcript Search System - Search for Text in PDF, Word and RTF Files

Transcript Search System (TSS) is an easy-to-use, desktop software application that let's you search for text, key words, or phrases in documents, transcripts or collections of files and transcripts. The Transcript Search System lets you search for text and then extract surrounding text - you can then display or print the extracted text.

Documents and transcripts can be in any one of the following four file formats; PDF (Adobe Portable Document), DOC/DOCX (Microsoft Word Document) and RTF (Rich Text File), WPD (Corel WordPerfect Document).

A 'case' is created by the user and transcripts are loaded into the case. Search words or phrases can be searched on with variable numbers of leading and trailing words. Retrieved transcript extracts can be individually or collectively printed.

Simple, fast, and easy of use make the Transcript Search System better than our competition.

A Tool for Lawyers, Paralegals and the Legal Profession

The Transcript Search System was designed by a lawyer for lawyers and the legal profession. TSS allows you to create a 'case' and then assign court transcripts, legal documents, depositions, and files to a case. Cases can be password protected for security. You can perform word search, string search, or phrase search in a document or collection of documents though a simple, user-friendly graphical user-interface.

Specify the text you are searching for the the search criteria and then 'Search Files'.

Search criteria can include number of words before and after the text, case sensitivity, and whole word match.

Matching results are quickly displayed and can be printed.

A Text Search and Extraction Tool for Any Industry

The Transcript Search System is not just for lawyers and can used to search and extract text in documents and files in any industry. TSS can be used to:

  find and extract patient data from medical and health records in the healthcare industry
  find recurring references of data in log files, research data, and analytical data of any kind
  search for and extract specific references in digital books, eBooks and other electronic publications
  locate, find and extract data of any kind by secretarial and office administration staff in any industry including municipal, state, and federal government

System Requirements for Transcript Search System

 Windows 7 (or later version)
 Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional, version X or higher
 Corel WordPerfect Office X6 or higher

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