STIPumpCard™ is a powerful and user-friendly software for simulating dynamic behaviors of pump jacks. It is capable of predicting the behavior for a wide range of wells. STIPumpCard has three main simulation modes; "Vertical Well", "Deviated Well" and "Pump Load Analysis". "Vertical Well" and "Deviated Well" simulations can be used for the design process. They produces a number of plots, including Dynamometer Cards, Fatigue Life predictions, Compressive Load distribution and Speed Reducer Torque. STIPumpCard also predicts other parameters such as the minimum required Motor Power and required speed reducer torque rating. Additionally, STIPumpCard is capable of predicting a wide range of phenomena such as fluid pound, gas interference, and gas locking. STIPumpCard can also be used to troubleshoot downhole conditions, and record surface load data to predict the load at the plunger. STIPumpCard comes with a set of tools, including Unit Conversion Tool, Stroke Rate Calculator, Pump Intake Pressure Calculator and Free Gas Calculator. The Unit Conversion Tool is very easy to use and allows the conversion between to a wide selection of units. The Stroke Rate Calculator determines the stroke rate required to produce a target production. The Pump Intake Pressure Calculator determines the intake pressure from fluid level or IPR data. Finally, the Free Gas Calculator determines the amount of free gas in the pump based on conditions of the well and gas anchoring. The user can save input information and load the project later or pass it on to another user. After each simulation, all the simulated input and output data or figures are automatically stored in the specified project directory.

Load Vs Position. Stroke 3

Torque Vs Angle. Stroke 3

% of Goodman Stress

Fatigue life of Rod (Years)

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