STIPumpCard™ is powerful and user-friendly software for simulating the dynamic behavior of pumpjacks for a wide range of wells. STIPumpCard can simulate both vertical and deviated wells and predict the load at the plunger from a surface card as well as side forces in deviated wells and wells with long horizontal sections. STIPumpCard has been validated with data from instrumented wells and can accurately model wells over 10,000 ft in length as well as phenomena such as fluid pound, gas interference and gas locking.

In addition to being accurate and reliable, under a wide range of conditions, STIPumpCard has some unique features not found in other industry software such as allowing a user to specify different upstroke and downstroke rates.

STIPumpCard produces a number of plots, including dynamometer cards, fatigue life, compressive load distribution, speed reducer torque and rod side forces. STIPumpCard also predicts other parameters such as the minimum required motor power and required speed reducer torque rating.

STIPumpCard supports six types of units; Conventional, Mark II, Air Balanced, Reverse Mark (Torque Master), Hydraulic, and Rotaflex.

STIPumpCard can be run in batch processing mode, which allows multiple simulations to be executed sequentially. This feature is especially useful for long runs, such as for deviated wells, where contact and frictional forces are calculated using a proprietary finite element model, developed for DSD, our rotary drilling dynamics and torque and drag software.

STIPumpCard contains conversions and calculators which aid in the calculation of input parameters, which include: