DSD - Torque and Drag

The increase in the number of drilled ultra-extended reach wells and complex geometries requires contact points and wellbore friction to be calculated with greater accuracy. Torque and drag problems are very common during drilling, completion and workover operations. DSD – Torque and Drag module can be used to calculate torque and drag during planning, drilling and post-drilling.


 DSD – Torque and Drag can be run as an engine via command line from DOS

 Easily incorporated into existing software

 DSD uses a stiff string model – the most accurate drill string model

 Optimized for computer speed (typical run time is less than 10 minutes)

 User friendly

 Output files are images and .csv files

 3D visualization


 Survey import from Excel® or text file

 US oil field, SI and customized units


 Pick up weight, slack off weight, torque, while drilling, on/off bottom, with/without rotation

 Operating margin

 Contact forces: magnitude & direction

 Tension, torque

Drag plot

Torque plot

Borehole profile

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