PSD™ - Passive Shipper Design for cold chain

PSD™ is built to:

  • Automatically determine the optimized shipping design
  • Simulate a user-defined packaging configuration
  • Minimize user input

PSD™ contains capabilities to:

  • Automatically create a suitable design that satisfies the requirements and provide the user with dimensions and simulated results of the design.
  • Simulate the design under fixed/user-defined/forecasted temperature profiles
  • Easily create conceptual designs and show previews of the designs
  • Simulate multiple designs simultaneously
  • Produce PDF report summary with heatmaps, tables, and temperature plots
  • Select from SI/US Units

  • PSD sample output: Temperature plot

  • PSD sample output: Box Design

  • PSD sample output: Heatmap sectional view

  • PSD sample output: Heatmap exploded view