RoadSnow™ - software for road maintenance and management in cold weather conditions

Being able to predict road conditions is critical for successful road maintenance. Recognizing when to prepare for an icing event or a winter storm can save money, resources, and most importantly, is necessary for public safety.

RoadSnow™ is a complete thermal and physical model of the road that can be used for road maintenance and management in cold weather conditions. It predicts the onset of freezing on the road surface, calculates the temperature profile below the road surface and predicts the surface snow, ice and water thickness (as its melts or freezes) over a period of time. RoadSnow accounts for the effects of solar radiation, latent heat transfer, sensible heat transfer, precipitation, ambient temperature, the presence of road salt, wind speed as well as the effect of particulates (soot) on surface snow and ice.

  • Road condition during 2014 Atlanta snowstorm

  • Road temperature before 2014 Atlanta snowstorm