Our Services

Software Techniques Inc. offers programming and consulting services to clients worldwide.

Drilling Engineering Services

 Drill string dynamics and simulation

 Prediction of drilling dysfunctions (Stick-Slip and Whirl) based on operating parameters and BHA design, ROP,

prediction of downhole tools signal (accelerometers) for validation purposes

 Drill string Tension, Torque and Drag and Stress Calculations

 Customized software for the drilling industry

Technical Programming and Consulting

 Programming and Consulting in MATLAB™

 Modeling in Simulink

 Optimization of Control Systems

 Physics Simulations and Research

 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

 Finite Element Modeling

 Multibody Dynamics

 Aeronautics and Propulsion

 Nuclear Engineering Consulting and Simulation

 Mathematics and Optimization

 Monte-Carlo Simulations

 Econometrics and Financial Data Analysis

 Statistics and Scientific Data Analysis

 Simulation Graphics

 Visualization and Graphical User Interfaces

 Custom Applications

 Development/Implementation of Algorithms

 Optimization of m-files for Speed and Memory

 Simulation of Electrical and Electronic Systems

Image/Video Processing

 MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox

 Image Processing with OpenCV

 Object Detection/Object Tracking

 Image Segmentation

 Image Registration

General Programming Services

 Programming for business and industry

 Languages/Environments: C, C++, VB, Python, .NET

 Data parsing and extraction solutions

 Application development, including the design of GUIs

 Customized Excel macros and spreadsheets

Custom Mobile Applications

 Engineering and Scientific Mobile applications

 Drilling tools and specialized calculators

 Android OS

 Palm OS


Web Design and Security


 Javascript / JQuery / Ajax

 Python / Java

 Flash AS2/AS3


 Graphic Design

 eCommerce and SEO

 Custom Web Design